First Time Buyer


Buying a home for the first time is fun and exciting.
We make it easy for you while we protect your interests and assist you with insight and expertise in all aspects of buying a manufactured or mobile home.

From our first conversation to determine your requirements to the moment you get your new set of keys, we will be there with you, helping you understand each step along the way to home ownership.

Manufactured homes are a great alternative to site built homes which can be much more expensive to buy and maintain. In a manufactured or mobile home you can enjoy the benefits of home ownership. Manufactured homes offer many of the same features you find with a site built home, such as spacious living areas; private yards; covered decks; garden areas; covered parking; large kitchens; open floor plans; family rooms and more.


Overview of the Buying Process

  1. We listen to your requirements and desires, then we help you find a great home that’s right for you.

  2. Make an offer, if you prefer, we’ll help you determine a reasonable offer price based on current market value to help you make an informed decision.

  3. Your earnest deposit will accompany your offer. The typical earnest deposit is $1,000 and is applied toward your purchase. Less than $1,000 is acceptable if needed. Your earnest deposit will be returned in full if any of the offer contract’s contingencies are not met, such as not receiving park approval or unacceptable inspection results. The earnest deposit is retained if all contingencies are met and you decide not to purchase for any reason.

  4. Your offer is presented to the Seller. The Seller may accept, counter or reject your offer. You may also counter any counters from the Seller. This is the negotiation process until an agreement is reached.

  5. If/when an agreement is reached, apply for park approval. Just like renting an apartment, the community manager or lot manager will take your application to consider for approval. Some communities charge a small fee generally between $25-$45.

  6. This is where the inspection (if ordered) is done. An inspection is highly recommended when purchasing any home. In most cases the Buyer provides and pays for the inspection. Cost is approximately $300.

  7. The final walk through, this is done to check the home’s condition and make sure all essential systems in the home are in working order.

  8. Submit remaining funds due at least two days prior to the scheduled close date.

  9. The closing takes place at the agency’s office. Generally it will take about 30 minutes.

  10. Upon completion of the closing paperwork, you’re given the keys and the home now belongs to you! Enjoy!