A Simple Manufactured Home Makeover


A Simple Manufactured Home Makeover

Simple updates with calm color and white trim can make a huge impact in any home, but it works marvelously in a manufactured home.

There’s no kitschy trends or bold colors here! It’s just a serene space that allows the home to shine on its own merits, and this manufactured home makeover certainly shines!



Most of us are being enticed with colorful and complicated interior design concepts on Pinterest, so we forget how refreshing a calm, soothing style can be.

Basic, muted color on every wall creates a unified space and makes the area appear larger.  Thick, white trim provides architectural details and together, it all makes for a beautiful manufactured home makeover.Installing bead board throughout the home adds a cozy, cottage feel to the home. Bead board is continued onto the kitchen island to create a cohesive design that still separates the open floor plan well.



Realtor’s often use this style, referred to as ‘builder grade,’ to quickly update the home and help potential buyers visualize their own style when viewing. Builder grade simply means the products are made of average grade  instead of custom made, high-quality materials. The colors are limited, usually white or neutral. These materials are widely available in most builder supply stores, like Lowe’s or Home Depot and can be bought at a substantial savings since the stores can buy the products in bulk and pass the savings off to the buyers. The builders grade style creates a clean slate for any style but can still stands on its own beautifully.


There are 4 basic tricks for an affordable manufactured home makeover using builder grade materials:

  • Save money on paint by using
    the same color throughout the home.
    Buying a 5 gallon bucket of paint
    and mixing it the same color is
    cheaper than buying separate
    colors for each room.
  • Buy a builders pack of trim. You can
    get eight to ten pieces of twelve foot trim for less than $70.00. That’s a substantial savings over buying trim per foot. You can join narrow trim together to create a wider, more custom and detailed style. The end result is absolutely beautiful!

  • Use neutral, mid-grade carpet or basic tile. The color options are limited but the savings can help you update the entire home at one time.
  • Focus on the basics during your initial update; walls, ceilings and flooring. You can always customize the home later – one project at a time.

“A manufactured home makeover doesn’t have to be
completely customized to be beautiful. It doesn’t need bold colors
or unusual materials. A simple, calm update can make
for a gorgeous home every time!”


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2 Responses to A Simple Manufactured Home Makeover

  1. Montana Coladonato-Gaffney says:

    Great site, I really like the information about the difference between “manufactured and modular” terms. It is very useful information. The photos of the properties are attractive and inviting, very important when marketing. Your target markets/demographics; first time home buyers and retired clients, should include empty nesters, looking to downsize after kids go to college. These groups usually downsize in site built houses or condos with amenities. Your information about how these homes are built is also great information and could appeal to the “empty nesters”. This demographic isn’t quite the retirement stage, but often sell their larger family homes with retirement in their sites. I’m not familiar with the market in Reno, but certainly, there are “empty nesters” in every community. Other than that, maybe the colors could be a little brighter, more pop, but this could be the computer I’m using, it’s old. Great job guys, keep up the good work. You surely know your stuff!!!

  2. Twitter23 says:

    Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article. it was practical. keep on posting.

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