Price Can Be Critical

When selling a home, there are important factors to consider. One of the most critical factors is price. As experts in market analysis we’ll help you determine the very highest asking price for your home based on current market value.

Current market value is different from “appraised” value. It’s achieved by analyzing comparable homes both currently on the market and recently sold homes. Market value is simply the history of what a Buyer pays for a home and what a Seller accepts.

Buyer Financing

There are 3 types of purchases, cash, lender financing and if you’re willing, owner carry financing.

Most homes are financeable. Standard real estate mortgage lenders and banks do not provide these loans. We have specialized quality lenders who do. And we help your Buyer and you through the entire process until your money is in your pocket!

Some older homes may not be financeable. So, if your circumstances can support owner financing it may be helpful to consider it. Note servicing is used to manage and track your payments  ….all you do is collect your monthly payment with interest!  

Prepare for Your Sale

We all dream of living in a home like the photo, so do Buyers. But the reality is that our homes are lived in.

When you consider preparing your home for sale, you will achieve the best results and top dollar by performing a thorough or professional cleaning. And, since your moving anyway… pack all your currently unused items and store them away.

Clean, uncluttered, well maintained homes and lots can often sell quicker and much closer to the asking price. Upgrades and remodels typically bring the most money. Lived in homes with visible work to be done and fixers can sell faster when appropriately priced.